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This Set Up will catch everything (#korum #bream #Roach #bream #tench)


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Phase1 - A Beginners Guide To Angling (#fishingforbeginners #kentanglingcoach #fishingcoachforbeginners #fishingfornewbies)


Korum Kevin Durman Tench Fishing


Korum Kevin Durman A Korum Kind Of 2020 (#korum #bream #Roach #bream #tench)



Iv had an interest in Crucians this season since reading about the Crucian campaign by the Angling Trust to get more fisheries to introduce or reintroduce them to their waters....

Stealthy Barbel Fishing

The lack of rain this summer has led to incredibly low water levels on the gin clear souther chalk streams I fish....


Iv had an interest in Crucians this season since reading about the Crucian campaign by the Angling Trust to get more fisheries to introduce or reintroduce them to their waters. They are not a fish that I had previously ever set out to catch. This season would see my first attempts

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The past few seasons Iv made trips to Walthamstow reservoirs in search of Bream. I guess Iv had 5 trips and caught each time but Iv not managed any decent hits of fish or managed to snare any of the larger specimens

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Long Range Tip Fishing

The relentless summer heat finally broke this weekend with a fantastic storm and winds of 30mph. I’d been gagging to get out for a day on the tip and the change in weather was just what I’d been waiting for.

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Valley Of the Giants

April is always busy time for me with lots of coaching sessions booked, I deliberately leave may and early June free for my own angling, as such I don’t get to start my Tench fishing until early May.

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Older Articles below....

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

PB Barbel

As a specimen angler my aim every season is to try and raise a new personal best, little did I know it was going to be a barbel that did it for me this year. .....

Date August
Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Surface fun

With the summer well and truly here, now is the time to take advantage of some excellent surface fishing. Carp are not shy in telling you where they are as they bask in the sunshine, often sitting in weedbeds with their backs out of the water. .....

Date July


kent angling coach

Struggling with Tench

After last years amazing Tench fishing, this season has been a bit of a struggle. For sure iv not helped myself with choice of venue...

Date May


In search of bream

My pike fishing ended at the beginning of March, a final trip resulting in a cracking fish of 20lb 11oz. I had been thinking all winter about .....

Date April

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Fishing for Big Tench

What with the very mild start to spring I actually started my Tench fishing two weeks ago, however despite seeing Tench rolling on my previous two visits.....

Date April

Kent Angling Coach

More Tenching

After my successful trip in early April I was keen to get back for another go.  But a week’s Carping in France meant no return for three weeks, and what an anti-climax that turned out to be as although I had Tench in the swim I spent the weekend blanking. 

Date: April

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

A brace of “Code Red” 30s

Last weekend I had a day getting my act together by tying and playing with rigs, dusting off the cobwebs and catching a few doubles on one of my runs waters.

Date: March

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

First carp session of the year

Its been so mild this winter that I really should have had a few carping sessions in amongst the pike trips. With March arriving it’s definitely time to put the pike tackle away

Date: March





Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Switch To Pike

Come the end of November when the first hard frosts arrive and the weather turns decidedly chilly my attentions turn to Pike.

Date: December

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Roach on the hemp
During my matchfishing days I was very much known as a silver fish angler, with squatt and hemp fishing being a favourite method. Some of my finest performances were with nets of silvers from the canals

Date: Sept

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Back on the Carp trail

Having spent the summer in pursuit of Tench and Bream, Autumn is the time to be getting back on the carp trail.

Date: Summer

Kent Angling Coach

BCAC and UK Carp cup

This year our BCAC qualifier was held on Mid Kent Fisheries Loggies lake nr Canterbury, Kent.

Its is a local lake and one both my brother Colin and I have fished several times in the past.

Date: July





Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Big Bream have Sweet Tooth

Traditionally Bream baits have always been on the sweet side, and It’s often said that Bream do have a sweet tooth. Last week’s Bream session I went with a modern slant on things with the Sonubaits

Date: May

Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

Oozing boilies for Bream

Most of my angling is targeted at fishing for specimens of some type or another.  But when I get just half a day ive a little gem of a water ...

Date: April






Kent Angling Coach Brc Checked

The first day of spring

Wednesday 20th march was the date for the spring vernal equinox, it’s the date I normally call a halt to my predator angling and start to get my head into carp fishing mode.

Date: March

Kent Angling Coach

30 Year Wait
I started pike fishing just over 30 year ago and even then as  youngster I knew that a target for a real monster pike is one of over 30lb. I am a gravel pit angler and in those past 30 years I can count on one hand the amount of pike over that magic weight that I have heard of in the Stour valley pits that I fish.
I have never been one for fishing the Trout reservoirs, for me the goal has always been a coarse fed 30, a rare beast indeed.

Date: Jan








Kent Angling Coach

Super Carp Method Mix

Whilst it is true that I go fishing twice a week, its not actually that often that I get to do any social fishing.  More often than not im off in pursuit of my own targets and specimen fish.

Date: Aug

Kent Angling Coach


Uk Carp cup semi final

I arrived for the final at Brasenose one nice and early at 10am, the draw was at 330pm.

Date: Aug

Kent Angling Coach

Carp Dumbell Hookbaits are the business
This weekend I have had chance to visit my syndicate water for the first time this season.

Arriving at 6pm I spent the first hour having a good look round

Date: June

Kent Angling Coach

UK Carp Cup Qualifier 2012

For this years qualifier I went to Robinsons carp lake near Brightlingsea in Essex. It’s a cracking 6 acre lake.

Date: May










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